Thursday, January 27, 2005

a Cultural Method of Mental Health Promotion
Authors: Steve Edwards 1 Nomahlubi Makunga 2 Siphiwe Ngcobo 3 Mbaliyezwa Dhlomo 4

International Journal of Mental Health Promotion
Print ISSN: 1462-3730 Volume: 6 Issue: 4 Cover date: November 2004 Page(s): 17-22
Ubuntu, mental health promotion, cultural
Abstract text
The context of this article is an indigenous knowledge system of health promotion. Visitors to South Africa have often remarked on a universal yet unique form of humanity they have experienced. Based on their shared experience as psychologists working together over many years in Zululand, the authors present a phenomenology of ubuntu as a deeply human, meaningful way of life and an original, cultural method of mental health promotion.
Author(s) affiliations
1. Psychology Department, University of Zululand2. Psychology Department, University of Zululand3. Psychology Department, University of Zululand4. Psychology Department, University of Zululand
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