Monday, May 03, 2010


Urban Social Environment and Health

Paper and Workshop Proposal

"Innovative Methods and Measurements: Ubuntupsychology"


Education and Health Linkages
Learned Interdependence: Freedom from Learned Helplessness at LESC/Diversity Works program in the Bronx, USA. &
Violence and Urban Security
The Alternatives to Violence Project with the Hutu and the Tutsi: Introducing EVA, Emotional Violence Alternatives, in Bujumbura, Burundi.

"The conference invites presentations of original studies, analyses, evaluations and best practices in a multitude of sectors: health services, violence and security, transportation and injuries, housing and infrastructure, urban planning, neighborhoods and the urban environment, reproductive and maternal child health, the social determinants of health, substance use and homeless populations, and still others.

By holding this conference in New York, NY, one of the leading cities in the world, we intend to foster international research and policy exchanges to collectively improve the understanding of the common health and social risks faced by urban residents and communities and to influence the development of effective public health interventions across the globe. Perspectives and lessons from different countries can be valuable to share, and New York City’s experience shows that North-South exchanges can lead to effective, inclusive, and comprehensive policies to improve urban health.

Therefore we encourage academics, professionals, members of non-profit organizations, policymakers, community members, and individuals from the private sector of diverse backgrounds and disciplines to submit an abstract for the conference."

Dear Eileen,
As co-author, given your expertise on BURUNDI, and I am sure, some Public Health experience related to my current population in the Bronx, (our population, if we work together with 15th Street Quaker Meeting in the Bronx as we did with fundraising, and online, in Burundi) will you help me pare it down with a Public Health perspective?

Awaiting your answer so that we can claim joint authorship.

Frederica-Azania Clare
" I would have been able to free more slaves if they only knew they
were slaves." -Harriet Tubman

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