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Why Blacks Must Violate the Slave Code
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

My cousin, Darnell Brewster, made his transition on my father's birthday, January 17. There was a memorial service in Harlem on January 21 and a memorial service in Dayton, OH on January 24. Because of a snowstorm, no flights were available from Ohio to New York City on January 26.

I had two options: stay in a hotel in Cincinnati or fly to Atlanta. My sole consideration was a temporary workstation. This favored Atlanta. UAM practices the philosophy of Hon. Marcus Garvey which has been outlawed in the United States as beyond a morontocracy. Mr. Garvey was imprisoned and later given the boot. Thus, UAM's work is hard and dangerous.

His deportation from the United States to Jamaica was not personal. It was a signal to all Blacks to embrace a fake philosophy or else. Dr. W.E.B. DuBois became its chief adherent in the Negro community. He spied on Blacks and paved the way for a successful federal prosecution against Mr. Garvey.

Black people must learn to allow their history to work for them. Malcolm X said: "Of all the disciplines, history is best qualified to reward our research". History explains our plight in the United States and it is a condition precedent to critical thinking. The key is to connect the historical dots.

On August 17, 1988, a group of Blacks decided to form United African Movement and model it after Mr. Garvey's UNIA. This was a death warrant. History supports this conclusion. In October 1990, UAM decided to practice what it had preached. By this time, I had been disbarred while I had successfully represented Rev. Al Sharpton in a 67-count indictment.

The meeting in October 1990 was the final nail in UAM's coffins. By January 12, 1991, all high-profile activists had fled UAM. This was to be expected. No Blacks are going to violate the slave code. In contrast, whites are only exposed to the penal code and may be subject to prosecutorial discretion.

I have had to be responsible for UAM lock, stock and barrel. At best, I have had to co-sign every UAM activity. In many instances, I have had to pick up the tab. The latest big-ticket item is the Freedom Party. Censorship has been imposed on me for practicing the same philosophy as the "founding fathers". Two organizations were established sequentially in 1865 and 1909 to enforce fear and to embrace a fake philosophy.

Because no support system exists at UAM, I formed a UAM Transition Committee in July 2007 to bring about new leadership by August 17, 2008. My pro bono work and my sacrifices for the Hon. Marcus Garvey had taken its toll on my health. No one supported Mr. Garvey as UAM's spiritual mentor in good-faith. Mr. Garvey had big shoes.

This transition committee, consisting of Bro. John Anthony, Sis. Geneva Butts, Sis. Ollie McClean, Sis. Judy McNeil and Bro. John Smith had failed to act by January 2010. In the meantime, I had to be hospitalized en route to homegoing services for Dr. Asa Hilliard in August 2007.

I received no correspondence from anyone in UAM in Atlanta. The doctor had suggested that I take an extended rest but Mark and S.L. Green as the landlords of 16 Court Street in Brooklyn had a different view. Rent exceeded Three Thousand Dollars monthly.

This was a responsibility reserved exclusively for me as well as all office expenses. UAM has never had a war chest nor a reserve fund. A big bill was waiting for me in September 2007 coupled with medical expenses. The monthly expenses have continued for UAM at my expense.

No one has suggested that UAM should have a war chest nor a reserve fund. After Gov. Andrew Cuomo took the oath, he immediately solicited funds from the public to combat public sector unions; yet, I am supposed to fight white supremacy on all fronts by performing miracles. It shows that Blacks are not at war with anyone except Blacks who dare to oppose white supremacy.

Until the Greens were able to secure a judgement in a holdover proceeding, all rents were paid. They had refused to renew the lease because of my continued defense of Blacks. The Greens had only become the landlord in 2007. They were allies of Robert Abrams who is an enemy of the philosophies and opinions of Mr. Garvey. There was a zero rent balance in January 2010.

In June 2010, Rev. Al Sharpton dispatched Councilman Charles Barron to continue the war against Mr. Garvey. Councilman Barron's first act was to retain a white lawyer for the Freedom Party. His next step was to remove the black panther as the symbol of the Freedom Party. State law requires a symbol. The third step was to remove red, black and green as the colors of the Freedom Party and to replace them with black and white (racial integration).

I had hoped that UAM would have found new leadership and a working office space by now. Alternatively, I had hoped that this committee would have supplanted me temporarily with themselves. It seems logical that five heads are better than one. To be sure, five pockets are better than a person with no pockets and who has had no income for more than two decades.

For some time, I have been trying to get, at my expense, a quorum for a business meeting. Since this UAM meeting has to be conducted outside the presence of whites, it would be unlawful. Blacks constitute the only group that subscribes to the unnatural practice of white supremacists being paired with Blacks in order for Blacks to conduct it affairs.

A business meeting is necessary to determine the future of UAM. The critical question is to ascertain if Blacks collectively, are able and willing to sustain, in 2011, the philosophies and opinions of Mr. Garvey in a country that demands of Blacks to pursue racial integration rather than self-determination. On February 2, 2011 a vote on the date of the business meeting will be taken.

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