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Dr. Kevin Washington on UBUNTUPSYCHOLOGY

Ubuntu Psychology
Attached is a paper by Dr Kevin Washington on Zulu Traditional Healing. Its definitely a valuable resource and blackcellent reminder that our reAfrikanization must be wholistic.... we must dewhitenize and reAfrikanize EVERY aspect of us.

Below is an excerpt from the paper:

Within the Afrikan context, humanity is focused on one’s being in the world. A person is determined good (sane) or not good (insane) on the basis of one’s behaviors. If one’s behaviors is deemed to be communally beneficial then that person has good character or what the Yoruba of West Afrika call iwa pele. This idea is a manifestation of Ubuntu. For the Afrikan no discussion about the color of one’s skin was relevant to the idea of character, or this would only explain the esoteric aspect of being. The exoteric is that which is of great significance to the Afrikan minded thinker. How does one be in the world? What do they do that adds beauty to life? How do they enhance the existence of the community? These are the questions of relevancy that are posed towards a person with respect to the Afrikan Worldview. Their being in the world is seen as an expression of the God-force that is within them.

Borrowing from the European Psychology coffers, there is a benefit of a heuristic or mental short-cut when interacting people. Heuristics are probably common among most people however they cannot be the sole determinant of the totality of what a person is about. Afrikan/Black people use heuristics in a race conscious society in large part due to interaction
with Europeans. Borrowing again from the Western Psychology coffers, this can be attributable to aversive interactions with Europeans. The horrific treatment that African people encountered as a result of interacting with Europeans created the heuristic of what or what Europeans are. The driving force here is not the material substance but the character. Europeans have shown themselves to be distrustful with respect to Afrikan people. Years of mistreatment of Afrikan people by Europeans necessitates Afrikans be cautious around Europeans. Some Afrikans are able to accept some Europeans into their communities because of the Afrikan’s character and concept of humanity. This reveals the value of being however it may also be responsible for some of the continuing challenges that Afrikans face. The heuristic within the Afrikan worldview is about assessing the quality of your inner essence through your behavioral expressions and spirit vibrations. How you resonate in the world determines your worth to the community.

JPAS - Journal of Pan African Studies

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